Mary McMillan Sloan is an artist, writer and lecturer living and working in Brighton, England, and France. Among many other creative activities, she creates weird and wonderful paper-mâché “creatures”, which are frequently inspired by tales of bizarre and macabre human and animal activity. The artist has pieces in private collections across three continents. From her creatures to her oil paintings, she exhibits a variety of works in a range of media when taking part in exhibitions, group shows and open houses. She has an enthusiastic following among other artists and private collectors.

Artist Open House 2019

Mary is a member of Fiveways Artists group and an annual exhibitor in the Artists Open Houses (AOH) event during Brighton Festival, her work was shortlisted to grace the cover of 2016 AOH brochure. This year she is curating Crescent House which is number 17 on the Fiveways Art Trail.


Past exhibitions have included a multitude miscreants, including Franz Kafka and his girlfriend (now in a private collection). Franz went missing for three years and has only just surfaced from beneath a sofa. He will be on display again this year.

Mary’s initial interest in papier mâché was sparked by a workshop with Tim Hunkin (Rudiments of Wisdom) in the 1980’s and further influenced by Alfred Jarry’s cynical representation of the grotesque in his creature Ubu. Her work has been more recently influenced by pre-Colombian artifacts in national collections and by random private museums found along dirt tracks while traveling in South America and through the hearing of personal histories.



Christopher Prewett in his studio in France




Mary McMillan Sloan is a graduate of both Brighton and Sussex Universities, and thus eminently over-educated. Mary has been constructing work in various media since she was a teenager growing up in southwest London.

Mary’s work features themes that range from motherhood to anatomy, nature and superstition. The media in which these works manifest themselves vary, but her main technique of choice is currently papier-mâché.

She incorporates elements of collage and painting to create her unique “creatures”, many of which have been inspired either by personal histories exchanged between friends or by off-beat and eccentric human activity. Each creature’s evolution follows a process similar to that of the development of a character with a story to tell; it demands to have its own unique brilliance fully expressed and will not budge from that insistence until fully and accurately manifested into form. This sometimes takes years. It’s not hard to somehow recognise and then fall in love with these creatures as they represent a wide range of our responses to animal and chimerical instincts.

Mary has designed and run creative workshops for Charleston Trust as part of their Young Bohemians programme, where children are encouraged to find inspiration in the artworks, literature and landscape of the iconic home of the “Bloomsbury Set” in East Sussex. Children are encouraged to take part in various creative ventures: printing, papier-mâché, costume design, theatre design and production, painting, drawing, portraits and poetry.

As well as oil paintings, sketches, three-dimensional figures and inks, Mary also works on and produces refined, impactful prints using a variety of techniques from lino-cut to pizza trays; the latter in a campaign to encourage children to experiment with cost-free materials in a bid for sustainable freedom of expression on a pocket money budget.

She also encourages an appreciation of asymmetry wherever possible.

Mary McMillan Sloan also runs bespoke papier-mâché sessions, workshops and quizzes for adults. Currently, the most popular papier-mâché theme is the creation of three-dimensional pet portraits. Class themes change seasonally.


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