Mary is a member of Fiveways Artists group and an annual exhibitor in the Artists Open Houses (AOH) event during Brighton Festival, her work was shortlisted to grace the cover of 2016 AOH brochure. Mary curates and hosts the exhibition at Crescent house.

Past exhibitions have included a multitude miscreants, including Franz Kafka and his girlfriend (now in a private collection). Franz went missing for three years and has only just surfaced from beneath a sofa. He will be on display again this year.

Mary’s initial interest in papier mâché was sparked by a workshop with Tim Hunkin (Rudiments of Wisdom) in the 1980’s and further influenced by Alfred Jarry’s cynical representation of the grotesque in his creature Ubu. Her work has been more recently influenced by pre-Colombian artifacts in national collections and by random private museums found along dirt tracks while traveling in South America and through the hearing of personal histories.


Christopher Prewett

Chris uses traditional media, studies from life and portrays the ever-changing shifts and temperaments of his subjects. Accomplished in his style as an expressionistic and allegorical landscape artist he is also very well known for his imaginative and quirky portraits.

He has regularly been short-listed for national awards and has received major prizes for his work in portraiture, and watercolour as well as for his allegorical work. At present he lives and works in France and Brighton.